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Healing Means

Becoming Whole

How can I best Serve you?
One on One Personal Coaching 

In our initial session, we will identify areas of life that you are wanting to focus on, discovering our entry point. Subsequent sessions take us through a 'container' of personal discovery and accountability leading to a heightened sense of purpose and clarity. 

I often support clients:

1.) Renovate their relationship Between the head and heart

2.) Overcome unproductive habits and create thriving life practices

3.) Create and maintain financial and personal goals

4.) Express and process tender and blocked emotions, freeing up time and energy

5.) Become more efficient and easeful with communication 

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Group or Couples Coaching

In our sessions, we will work on creating new foundations for communication, on which lasting relationships that are resilient and affectionate, can be built. Together we will co-create action items in order to practice and integrate skills we go over in our sessions. 

Sessions generally go from 1.5 hours to 2. We can work with romantic partners or business professionals alike. Schedule a call so we can see how to best work together.

Container Coaching .jpeg
Container Coaching .jpeg
Container of a Whole Person

Traditionally, cultures would hold beautiful ceremonies around transitions, milestones, or vows made throughout life. The sacred structure of the community would uplift and embolden individuals as they moved towards the unfolding of their personal stories. 

The "Container of the Whole Person" mentorship program is designed to enrich your experience holistically, developing practices of mindfulness, healthy eating, and cooking, as well as communication principles that will have a systemic effect on your entire life.

Schedule a call, and let's discover how to best serve you.